The Language Centre Building

The Language Centre building, one of the oldest buildings of the Technical University of Crete in Akrotiri, was designed in 1988 as the Main Library of the Technical University of Crete covering the needs of the first students. Since 2016 the building of the old Library (E1) was reused and houses the Language Centre.

The Language Centre is located at the core of the Polytechnic, in the square around which its central functions are articulated (Library, large Amphitheaters, Administrative functions). There is a separate entrance for the ground floor on the northeast side. The main entrance, on the first floor, is through a ramp that starts from the southwest side. (Map)

It is a four-storey building with an autonomous ground floor. The first floor has a large united space around which the second and third floors are articulated. The movement followed by the visitor-user allows versatile supervision with continuous changes of perspective. The materials chosen are uncoated concrete and coated surfaces and marble for the 1st floor and wood for the 2nd and 3rd floor. One of the special features of the building is the natural lighting from the sloping roof.

The Language Center houses the teachers' offices, classrooms, computer workstations, study rooms and sitting areas.

The Language Center (Building E1) is available for open access by students and members of the Polytechnic Community from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 15:00. 

• for individual study

• for a short rest between academic duties

• as a meeting point