The mission of the university

The main purpose of the university is to contribute to the development and dissemination of knowledge, which is a product of intellectual processes and scientific research. For this work it is necessary to use free thought and criticism with a commitment to honesty and impartiality in research and erudition. In this way, the scientific communities contribute to the cultural and social developments of mankind. All members of the academic community, teachers, staff and students, are called upon to work with dignity and to remain faithful to the principles of academic honesty and integrity.

Obligations of students

Students are required to submit written assignments without copied information. It is always taken for granted that students 'work is the result of their own mental process, and if there is specific reference and citation to the work of any other person used as an example or to support students' ideas, this should be clearly stated. Failure to cite the sources used in any paper submitted for evaluation with the signature of a student constitutes the serious offense of plagiarism or theft of intellectual property.


Intellectual property theft is the most serious violation of academic ethics and occurs when one simply uses another's work or ideas as one's own. All original text excerpts, ideas, as well as indirect paraphrases of works belonging to another must be listed on the special quotation page.

There are instructions on the internet on how to quote sources of information. A useful reference page for these topics is OWL Online Writing Lab at Purdue.