English teacher Ángela M. Alonso Morais at the Language Centre within Erasmus+

This week the Language Centre welcomed visitor and teacher of English, Ángela M. Alonso Morais from the Department of Modern Languages, University of León, Spain. Ms. Alonso Morais, is currently completing a PhD in Telecollaboration and New Technologies for English as a Second or Foreign Language Teaching. As part of her PhD, she has designed a full programme of Virtual Exchange to prepare undergraduate students for their experiences in studying abroad. The model enhances students’ intercultural communication, foreign language level and soft skills. This undertaking is part of the University of León’s plan for internationalisation and Erasmus/AMICUS preparation and is funded by a four-year grant.

For further information on this project: https://gearupvirtualexchange.wordpress.com

It was wonderful to meet and discuss our common educational issues with Ms. Alonso Morais proving, once again, the value of intercultural exchange!
Thank you for sharing with us Ángela and we hope to see you again!